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Who we are...

Welcome to Eurojag, the world's number one new and used parts specialist for Jaguar cars or vehicles, ready to offer you genuine Jaguar components and the support of Eurojag's renowned world-class service.

Whether your Jaguar is in Bombay or Birmingham, Beijing or Bristol, get your Jaguar parts and spares from Eurojag, specialist parts breakers and dismantlers of Jaguar vehicles.

Based in the north-east of England and with a worldwide customer base, Eurojag Ltd is the UK’s leading new and used parts and spares supplier for Jaguar vehicles. We are a fully licensed breaker, dismantling used Jaguar models from 1995 onwards to supply Jaguar parts to the UK and worldwide.

We employ fully trained parts specialists and a master technician for Jaguar cars or vehicles to advise you on all spares enquiries about your Jaguar vehicle. All of the used parts provided by Eurojag carry a no quibble 3 month warranty. New Jaguar parts provided by Eurojag carry a 12 month warranty.

Currently, we are breaking the following models for spares: Jaguar XF, Jaguar X350, Jaguar XK8, Jaguar XKR, Jaguar S Type, Jaguar X Type, Jaguar F Type, Jaguar XE.

If you're a Jaguar car owner, you share one thing in common with other Jaguar drivers around the globe: a love of fast, beautiful and luxurious cars. So if your Jaguar is off the road for any reason, you want the problem sorted as soon as possible with genuine Jaguar car parts at sensible prices.

That's where Eurojag comes in. We take great pride in being the number One new and used parts specialist for Jaguar cars with satisfied customers around the globe. It's our dedicated mission to get your Jaguar up and running again with genuine top quality parts as soon as possible, regardless of your location.

Make us your first port of call when you're looking for that vital Jaguar component. You'll be glad you did. From four-pin coils for a V8 engine to automatic transmissions for 2.7 diesel engines; from seatbelt buckles on an X-type to foglamps for an S-type, we've got the lot! We're confident that our range of Jaguar parts is second-to-none, so why not check out our website for our regularly-updated list of components currently available. Or give us a call to get the very latest update on the part you need.

And don't forget that, as a Jaguar owner, you've every right to expect first-class service as well. Here at Eurojag our first-class team of knowledgeable parts specialists are waiting for your call, ready and willing to advise you on any issues or queries and suggest cost-effective solutions that won't break the bank. Of course, by obtaining your Jaguar part directly from us, you're avoiding those middlemen who need to add their fee to the cost of the item as well.

So make sure that you choose Eurojag for your Jaguar parts and spares. You'll be glad you did.

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