XK8 X308 4.0L Automatic Transmission (Late)

XK8 X308 4.0L Automatic Transmission (Late)

this item is a 4.0l automatic transmission for xk8 & x308 models

the jaguar part number is nne4400aa and fits all x308 4.0l models from vin 853936 to end of production and xk8 4.0l models from vin 031303 until end of 4.0l at vin a30644.


the transmission comes with torque convertor but you will need to refill with your transmission fluid when fitted.


if you have any questions regarding this item please call finlay on 01325 722777 or email fin@eurojag.com.


all eurojag used parts carry a 3 months parts warranty


  • Model Number: nne4400aa