XF/XK Door Latch OSF/R.H.F (Keyless) (Passive)

XF/XK Door Latch OSF/R.H.F (Keyless) (Passive)

XF Door Latch OSF/R.H.F (Keyless)


Also fits XK-150 models 2006-2014


Fits all XF models from 2008-2015.

One of the most common issues on the XF's you do have an option for passive (Keyless) and non passive (Non Keyless), I do have every option in stock and listed on the website, the easiest way to check the difference is to check your outer door handle if it had a little black button it is keyless and you require a keyless Door Latch, If it is just smooth and doesnt have a black button you require a Non Keyless door latch.

This part is used but comes fully tested and with a 3 months parts warranty.

If you have any questions regarding this item please contact me either on the website, Email (Fin@eurojag.com) or on the landline 01325722777

  • Model Number: JDE38172